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Don't be mislead by the term "biodegradable."

It does not necessarily mean that the product is safe for humans or the environment. The following methods are the most common methods used to treat holding tank waste.

Kronen Holding Tank Treatment is bacteria based and the nature safe solution to all of your holding tank issues. Listed below are the four most common used methods to treat tanks and their possible long term effects.

Bacteriological Treatment

Bacteria are the natural, necessary microorganism’s that are required to breakdown all human and animal waste. It is the most environmentally responsible way to treat holding tank wastes. When added to the on-board toilet and holding tank, bacteriological products provide large quantities of the right kind of bacteria, sometimes called microbes, to break down the waste. These beneficial bacteria make their own enzymes to decompose human waste safely and effectively. Because the decomposition process is efficient, there should be no unpleasant odors to worry about. The beneficial bacteria thrive because harmful chemicals are not being used and because of the adequate supply of nutrients in the waste. The resulting material in the RV or Marine holding tank, mainly water and minerals, can be dumped safely in campground septic systems.

Enzymatic Treatment

The addition of proper enzymes could support the desired activity of natural bacteria. Unfortunately, these products may also contain fragrances and harsh chemicals, which can harm those same beneficial bacteria, negating the potential benefit of providing the proper enzymes.

Nutrient Enhancement

Nutrient Enhancement sounds positive. However, under normal conditions, waste already contains plenty of material to be broken down into nutrients, as long as the natural bacteria are healthy and there is no nutrient overload. In fact, an oversupply of nutrients entering lakes, rivers and the sea can lead to significant decrease in water quality, reducing fish productivity and increasing the potential for harmful algae blooms. Nutrient enhancement products are of little benefit in situations where there is an adequate supply of waste in the system.

Chemical Treatment

People often think that chemically-based products are working well because of their intense fragrances mask odors. However, most of these products contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde or quaternary ammonium compounds that do little, if anything to break down the wastes. The bad news is that these harsh chemicals are formulated to kill the useful bacteria or severely impede their ability to work effectively. When waste from an RV or Boat is pumped into the dump station facilities, the chemicals they contain have the potential to also kill the useful bacteria working to breakdown the waste in the septic system. To increase problems further, some of these chemicals may not be destroyed in municipal sewage treatment facilities and thus, get released into lakes, rivers, and streams.

As you can see, bacteriological treatment is the most environmentally friendly way to treat holding tank waste. The restoration of failed septic systems ultimately costs you money. The costs to renovate a system will more than likely be added to your user fee and can be extremely time consuming. Please help your campgrounds and dump stations by treating your holding tanks responsibly.

Why You Need Kronen

  • Neutralizes odors instead of
    covering them up
  • Liquifies waste and tissue for
    faster easier transfers
  • Requires less physical cleaning
  • Softens and reduces grease
  • Helps floats and sensors stay
  • Nature safe, formaldehyde-free