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"I try to carry premium products in the parts department of our 6 locations. Kronen fits
right in."

Wayne Micallef
General RV Centers
Wixom, Michigan

Kronen Degrades The Source of the Odor.

Until now, most Holding Tank Treatments attacked odors the old-fashioned way – by covering them up with chemical preservatives. The end result was a sludge cocktail devoid of bacteria that was bad both for the septic system into which the sludge was dumped and the environment as a whole.

Kronen has put an end to those days of formaldehyde-based chemical products.

Kronen Premium Holding Tank Treatment neutralizes, attacks and degrades the source of the odor, destroying it before it starts.

How it works:

We can’t imagine using preservatives to treat black water. Think about it…who wants to “preserve” black water?

On the contrary, we want to break down and eradicate it.

Fortunately, the “technology” to break down waste already exists, courtesy of Mother Nature. Kronen re-engineered nature’s own apparatus using a potent combination of naturally occurring microorganisms that are specifically engineered to break down and liquefy organic materials. Except for a subtle herbal fragrance, all you’re left with is a completely odorless liquid. The result is a black tank that can be off-loaded to sewer or septic systems without environmental concern. In fact, the liquid is quite beneficial to all types of water treatment facilities.

Why You Need Kronen

  • Neutralizes odors instead of
    covering them up
  • Liquifies waste and tissue for
    faster easier transfers
  • Requires less physical cleaning
  • Softens and reduces grease
  • Helps floats and sensors stay
  • Nature safe, formaldehyde-free